What We Do is TailoredUniquely to You

If you were to build an ad agency solely to serve you and your business – your needs, your objectives and your communication preferences – it would remarkably resemble Ad-Venture Media Group. That’s because the flexibility we intentionally built in is designed to enable us to  take the shape of whomever we are serving, in the way that best serves them. So rather than go through the trouble of building your own ad agency, let us build our business around you.

Creating a powerful brand identityThink of the prospects

Think about the world’s most powerful brands. They stand for something. They make you feel a certain way. That’s because a brand identity is more than just what a company does, it’s what their prospects think and feel about the company.

We are talking about not only the product you are selling, but the intangible assets that go along with it. We will not only create your brand identity, we’ll do so in a way that your target audience and prime customer can definitely identify with.

FeaturedBook of work

CAPITALIZINGon the power of the
written word

We specialize in words that not only capture the attention and imagination of your clients or customers, but capture the value and essence of your product, company or service and package it in a way that inspires, motivates and triggers a buying response. While all words communicate, the right words motivate.

Search Enginemarketing / Google adwords

Complete transparency. No contracts

As our Google AdWords client, there are never any contracts and you can cancel any month. So it goes without saying, we have to establish value and earn our keep. It keeps us on our toes without stepping on yours.

Complete transparency is just a fancy way of saying we want you to always see how we’re doing. So we will create a special read-only dashboard that shows you exactly how many calls came in, how many clicks you got, and how much you have spent – to the penny. It keeps you in the loop. And it helps us keep another satisfied client.


We use traffic sculpting to create a marketing masterpiece.

One of ways we stand out is how we make your company stand out. We utilize a strategy called traffic sculpting, an innovative process that enables us to develop thousands of keyword phrases and negative keywords so we can specifically target and eliminate irrelevant traffic, give you a lower cost per acquisition, makes ads more targeted. You get more customers and we get a better quality score with Google.


High-commercial-intent keywords. The keys to your online success.

Consumers may all be on the same search engine, but they are not all in the same place in their propensity to make a purchase. There are four layers to the sales funnel – awareness, interest, intent and buying. So, just like at a brick-and-mortar store, some shoppers are serious buyers and others are just looking. We know how to recognize and target high-commercial-intent keywords that give the best indication that someone is ready to buy. We master the sales funnel – to funnel more business to you.

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